This year's marathon was a thundering success! 

66 Students raised $8,325.18! With Wells Fargo matching $5,000 of those funds, our $10, 000 Big Deal Goal was reached. This brought us to a total of $13, 325.18! 

This means that the whole student body has earned an Ice Cream Social, as well as outing to the park and Monticello Community Center. 

Congratulations to our top earning class, Mrs. Binstock’s 5th & 6th graders, who will be voting between a movie & popcorn or a pizza lunch. 

Maili Buttenhoff, 6th grade, raised $591 and won 1st prize, choosing the bean bag chair. 

Seth Koehnen, 8th grade, raised $360, winning the bicycle. 

Sisters Kylie and Brooke Butcher, grades 5 and 3, each raised $355 and won an unlimited, all-day pass to The Big Thrill Factory. 

WOW! Way to go, kids! 

Thanks to every parent, student, staff, family member, neighbor, and friend for your faithful contribution to an honorable cause. We love our school!