G.R.A.C.E. Grace stands for God's Resources Active in Christian Education. The purpose of G.R.A.C.E. is to develop fellowship opportunities with the families of CCLS and to raise extra funds to help support the ministry of this school. It helps families get more connected to the school, meet other parents and lend a hand where needed. Come get involved! 


All are welcome to attend our meetings the first Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm here at CCLS.

GRACE officers and committee chairs for 2016-2017: 

  • President: Nona Latzig
  • Vice President: Elissa Bury
  • Secretary: Anita Buhr
  • Treasurer: April Engen
  • All-School Marathon: Chris Buttenhoff, Joan Corey, Denise Koehnen
  • MIA Art Adventures: Lorinda Ims
  • Public Relations: Lani Bixby
  • Spring Event: Nona Latzig
  • Box Top Umbrella: Elissa Bury
  • Concession Coordinator: Chris Buttenhoff, Lorinda Ims

Homeroom Parents: 

  • Mrs Boehlke, Preschool: Jessica Marsolek, Karla Kanagy
  • Mrs. Strei, Kindergarten: Anita Buhr
  • Mrs. Steinborn, 1st - 2nd Grade: Danae Andersen, Katie Taylor
  • Mrs. Schilling/Mrs. Cox, 2nd - 4th Grade: Michelle Miller, Molley Schmutzer
  • Mrs. Binstock, 5th & 6TH Grade: Lani Bixby
  • Mr. Boehlke: 7th & 8th Grade: Denise Koehnen