Because Your Child Will Not Get Lost in the Crowd


At Christ Community, we are a small school family. Teachers, administration and staff all know your child intimately and care about them deeply. This nurturing environment goes beyond today's cultural norm because our teachers all share a faith that is communicated to the students each and every day. No matter your religious background or beliefs, your child will be loved and instructed uniquely. They will learn in a safe environment using cutting edge technology, yes, but they will also experience the love of Jesus as modeled by teachers who are invested in their academic, social and spiritual success. 

Because We Offer Unique Multi-Platform Technologies & Robotics

At Christ Community, we have invested in all the main hardware and operating systems and use them in them in all the classrooms, K-8.


Our school features SmartBoards in each classroom. SmartBoards enhance the curriculum and studies show that students are more engaged in the learning process when teachers incorporate them in daily learning. SmartBoards also allow us to react quickly to current events in a way that text books cannot. The internet is an amazing tool when used wisely and SmartBoards help us interact with the world in a safe and amazing way.


CCLS uses iPads on a regular basis to enhance learning. iPads are a great tool for all grades, however we see particular value at the younger ages as students today are excited by technology and are familiar with the concept, yet not quite ready for classroom use of laptops. 


We love our ChromeBooks at CCLS! The teachers love them because they work without a lot of fuss. The students love them because they are lightening fast. We utilize Google apps and our students graduate very proficient in navigating today's complex cloud-based world. As part of our online work, we constantly and consistently teach our students about safe internet use. Our school has not yet seen the necessity for strict filters, preferring to capitalize on any inappropriate use of the internet as valuable teaching moments. At CCLS, we believe that teaching self-imposed limits better equips our youth as they mature and gain more freedoms. We are proud of our students and we expect the best out of them. 


Our school utilizes laptops that run Windows.  The students learn and become proficient on software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, while also learning important PC skills that will take them into high school and beyond.


Our library desktop lab is primarily utilized by the younger grades where they learn the basics of PC computing such as logging in to an account, finding and launching software, and problem solving. 


We are committed to giving our students exposure to S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs and have been awarded grant money to expand our Lego Robotics lab. Our teachers are trained to integrate S.T.E.M. into the curriculum and the results have been very rewarding. Based on early exposure, many of our students have gone on to participate in competitive robotics leagues offered at Mayer Lutheran High School.

Because we have the BEST "Lunch Lady"

At Christ Community, we don't like to boast. But in this age of frozen, pre-packaged food, we offer nutrutrious and inviting hot lunch meals for our students. We are lucky to call Laurie Anderson, of local catering fame, our Food Service Director. Laurie brings the same dedication and excellence to CCLS lunches as she does to her catering clients. In addition to delicious lunches your child will actually eat, our older students take turns serving in the kitchen and lunch room, learning the valuable lessons of service and a job well done -- most even look forward to their turn!

Because Our Students Learn Music and Participate in Art Adventure

At Christ Community, we still believe time spent learning the arts is time well spent. All grades have music class and participate in art adventure. At the seventh and eight grade levels, students shift from singing to learning handbells. Handbells are a great introduction to reading music -- a valuable life skill -- which our students really seem to enjoy and appreciate.

Art Adventure brings the popular Minneapolis Institute of Art program into our school every October as trained volunteers teach students about art, how to appreciate it, learn from it and create it. Art Adventure teaches valuable lessons about cultures, history, techniques and creativity which culminates in students creating themed pieces from their Art Adventure Inspirations. As the arts disappear from our public schools, CCLS is proud to be able to continue teaching it, as we believe the arts have valuable lessons to teach our youth.

Because We Have Extra Curricular Sports & Activities

Archery 2.14.17.jpg

At Christ Community, we offer students lots of after school opportunities and activities to choose from. Sports include volleyball, flag football, and basketball. We also offer First Lego League Robotics, and drama (see below).  Sports teams compete against area schools and focus on skills, sportsmanship, fitness and fun. We like to win, too, and that's the hoped-for natural outcome of achieving our other goals!

Because We Offer Unique Opportunities

Play Day

At Christ Community, we have a lot of fun. Each year, CCLS takes part in a full day of competitive track and field activities against other local schools, who take turns hosting the event. Relays, tug-O-war, and jump-roping are favorites. Seventh and Eighth grades also participate in a track meet, held at Mayer Lutheran High School. 

Drama & Fall Musical

We are particularly proud of the Fall Musical our volunteers work so hard on with our students. The musical is an after-school activity for K-8 and students audition for parts. It's an amazing undertaking that fosters an often life-long love of the dramatic arts. 


Our Washington DC trip for the 7th & 8th grades is a CCLS institution which students look forward to during their years here. The trip runs every other year and is a fantastic and sometimes sobering learning opportunity for our students as they see and learn more about what they have absorbed in the classroom.

These are just a few examples why it is so important to make sure you visit CCLS and consider all the options before choosing a school home for your student. We hope you'll contact us today.