Get Involved in GRACE!

GRACE is our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and is responsible for making possible many of the "extras" at CCLS. Things like iPads, Chrome Books, Smart Boards, computer labs and television resources in the classrooms. GRACE plans and runs our wonderful Silent Auction in the Spring, the popular marathon and more.

Get involved!

Parent involvement is vital for the success of our school. It helps families get more connected to the school, meet other parents and lend a hand where needed.

  • Wednesday, August 7 at 6:30 pm

  • Thursday, September 5 at 6:30 pm

  • Thursday, October 3 at 6:30 pm

  • Thursday, November 7 at 6:30 pm

  • Thursday, December 5 at 6:30 pm

  • Thursday, January 9 at 6:30 pm

  • Thursday, February 6 at 6:30 pm

  • Thursday, March 5 at 6:30 pm; 7:30 pm Spring Event Meeting

  • Tuesday, April 7 at 6:30 pm; 7:30 pm Spring Event Meeting

  • Thursday, May 14 at 6:30 pm


GRACE stands for God's Resources Active in Christian Education. The purpose of GRACE is to develop fellowship opportunities with the families of CCLS and to raise extra funds to help support the ministry of this school. 

GRACE generally meets the the first Thursday of the month during the school year. Meetings are posted on the calendar. Everyone is welcome!

G.R.A.C.E. Officer Descriptions


  • Holds position for two years

  • Leads G.R.A.C.E. meetings

  • Acts as liaison to the Executive Board

  • Acts as liaison to the school Principal 

  • Assists Coordinators in planning events during the year

  • Available for questions, but is not responsible for sole organization

Vice President

  • Holds position for two years

  • Performs duties of President in absence of that officer

  • Helps the President with various tasks as needed

  • Encourages parents to attend and participate in G.R.A.C.E. activities


  • Holds position for two years

  • Keeper of the constitution and policy documents

  • Records/keeps permanent records of all G.R.A.C.E. meetings

  • Provides access to G.R.A.C.E. meeting records

  • Provides an agenda for each scheduled G.R.A.C.E. meeting, one week in advance

  • Attends to all correspondence

  • Assists the President in meeting arrangements

  • Gives a report at all meetings

  • Passes all records to the succeeding Secretary at end of term

  • Commitment is 1-2 hours per month, in addition to attendance at G.R.A.C.E. meetings


  • Holds position for two years

  • Works with CCLS office financial staff (Amy) to receive and disburse all monies of G.R.A.C.E.

  • Keeps an accurate record of receipts and expenditures

  • Responsible for reporting at each G.R.A.C.E. meeting

  • G.R.A.C.E.’s books are subject to audit at any time

  • Submits a quarterly annual report to the CCLS Board of Directors

  • All records are given to the succeeding Treasurer at end of term

  • Commitment is 1-2 hours a month in addition to attendance at G.R.A.C.E. meetings.

Coordinator and Other Volunteer Position Descriptions

Many of these are Committee Coordinators- there should be additional volunteers to help you!!  Teamwork is the best work!

All-School Marathon Coordinator: August - September

  • Organize the CCLS Fall Marathon Fundraiser

  • Coordinates with teachers

  • Schedules a date in September

  • Organizes pep rallies

  • Plans prizes

  • Sends out goal sheets

  • Recruits volunteers

  • Commitment is fairly substantial

Back-to-School Picnic Coordinator: August

  • Organizing the meal

  • Acquire necessary supplies (reimbursed by G.R.A.C.E.)

  • Organize volunteers

  • Commitment is several hours

First Day Coffee/Pastries Coordinator: August

  • Organize and picking up necessary supplies

  • Organize volunteers

  • Commitment is several hours

Box Top Umbrella Coordinator: Year-Round

  • Coordinate all clip-and-save programs, including, but not limited to:

    • Box Tops for Education

    • Tyson Project A+

    • My Coke Rewards

    • Loaves 4 Learning

    • More School Rewards

    • Labels for Learning

    • Printer Cartridge Recycling

  • Organize/communicate incentive programs

  • Count and submit labels to their respective companies

  • Pursue other clip-and-save programs

  • Work with company PR Coordinator

  • Commitment, usually 1-2 hours/month

Concessions Coordinator: (September - March, Every Third May)

Responsible for concessions during home games of all sporting events

Responsible for concessions when CCLS hosts Play Day

Purchasing and maintaining concession inventory

Scheduling concession workers

Overseeing cash drawer

Working with G.R.A.C.E. Treasurer to make deposits

Commitment is 2-3 hours/month during the Basketball and Volleyball sports seasons (more hours when CCLS hosts Play Day)

Homeroom Parent Coordinator: Year-Round

  • Notify teachers who their homeroom parent is

  • Remind homeroom parents to see if teachers need anything before G.R.A.C.E. meetings

  • Inform/coordinate homeroom parents for the following:

    • Spring Event class projects in March/April

    • Teacher Appreciation week events in May

  • Commitment is year-round, usually 1-2 hours/month, more in May

Homeroom Parent Volunteers: Year-Round

  • Help out in the classroom

    • Holiday parties

    • Organize Spring Event class project

    • Contribute during Teacher Appreciation Week (May)

  • Act as liaison between G.R.A.C.E. and teacher (report needs or concerns)

  • Commitment is year-round, typically less than 1 hour/month, more during Classroom Projects for the CCLS Spring Event

Outside Sign Coordinator: Year-Round

  • Responsible for letter placement up and removal

  • Keep the double-sided black sign updated with upcoming events 

  • Commitment is year-round, typically less than 1 hour a month

Lunch Volunteer: Anytime

Sit with students during lunch

Commitment can be anytime throughout the year

Play Coordinator: September - November, 2021, 2023, 2025

  • Coordinate advertising

  • Printing programs

  • Organize DVD recording

  • Making candy bouquets

  • Assist in costuming and other various tasks

  • Work closely with the play directors

Grandparent’s Day Refreshment Coordinator: October-November

  • Plan the cake and coffee

  • Acquire cake and necessary supplies (reimbursed by G.R.A.C.E.)

  • Organize volunteers to help serve

  • Commitment is several hours leading up to event in the fall

Parent/Teacher Conference Meal Coordinator: 2x/Year

  • Organize a meal for the teachers during parent teacher conferences (reimbursed by G.R.A.C.E.)

  • Commitment is 1-2 hours twice a year

Movie/Popcorn Volunteers: December, 3-5 Hours

  • 3-4 Volunteers

  • Make popcorn

  • Distribute to students

  • Help monitor students during movie

  • Commitment is 3-5 hours in December

Teacher Appreciation Week Volunteers: (May)

  • Collaborate with Room Parent Coordinator

  • Execute plan for daily events during Teacher Appreciation Week (May)

  • Say thank you and make the week special for the teachers.  Ideas from past years:

    • Lunch brought in for the teachers,

    • Items purchased by homeroom parents of teachers’ favorite lists

    • Flowers

    • Lunch helpers

    • Recess helpers

Rails to Trails Parade Volunteers: July

Walk along with the float and help hand out CCLS fliers along the parade route in July

Play Day at CCLS: 2022, 2025, 2028

  • Volunteers needed to help run events

  • Volunteers needed to help run concessions

We host area grade schools (Zion Lutheran - Mayer and First Lutheran - Glencoe) every three years

Spring Event Committee

Coordinates CCLS’ Annual Spring Event, the school’s largest fundraiser for the year. Involves a large committee with project team leaders for various areas (described below).  Planning begins in January. Commitment and effort are substantial, especially the 6 weeks prior to the event.

Team Leaders and Examples of Team Responsibilities: (Please Note - These are meant to be teams comprised of a Team Leader and several Team Member Volunteers)

Silent Auction/Elite Silent Auction Team Leader:

  • Organize the Silent Auction portions of the event

  • Coordinate in-person and online donation requests

  • Log all donations as they come in

  • Creates bid sheets for event

  • Purchase tablecloths for auction tables

  • Obtain all donations to be displayed the day before the event

  • One person on the team must be Thrivent Action Team eligible (a Thrivent Member that is willing to apply for and lead a Thrivent Action Team, make purchases, etc)

    Classroom Project/Classroom Basket Team Leader:

  • Coordinate/ensure that each classroom has an idea/plan

  • Coordinate/ensure that each classroom has the supplies they need

  • and a plan for completing their classroom project for the Elite Silent Auction portion of the Spring Event.

  • One person on the team must be Thrivent Action Team eligible (Include both projects and baskets in the application - see above)

  • Room parents will be available to help complete projects.

  • Help keep track of Classroom Baskets

  • Spread the word on baskets that need more donations

  • Use Thrivent card to add to baskets as needed.

  • Help to coordinate basket workshops

    Advertising Team Leader:

  • Spreading the word regarding the event

  • Makes poster boards and signage for displaying at event

  • Create flyers to advertise drawings/elite auction items/select silent auction items

  • Submit newspaper ads

  • Share info with St. Paul’s and St Peter’s

  • Share info on website/social media

  • Gathers sponsorships as they come into the office

  • Creates a sponsorship placemat to be used on meal tables at event

  • Print sponsorship placemats

  • Create the April Bulletin Board advertising the Spring Event

  • Works with GRACE Public Relations Chair and shares duties as appropriate

  • One person on the team needs to be Thrivent Action Team eligible (see above)

  • Meal Team Leader:

  • Organize the dinner portion of the Spring Event

  • Liaison for Uncle Neddy’s

  • Organize donors for the kid’s meal

  • Coordinate refreshments (lemonade/coffee)

  • Coordinate dessert

  • Reserve the table/chairs with rental company

  • Purchase tablecloths for food tables

  • One person on the team needs to be Thrivent Action Team eligible (see above)

    Pop/Water DC Fundraiser Team Leader:

  • Purchase soda pop

  • Purchase water

  • Purchase ice

  • Purchase necessary supplies

  • needed during Spring Event

  • Organize and assign work schedule for students wishing to participate

Wine Pull Team Leader:

  • Collect wine donations

  • Set up table display with corks, tags & wine in bags

  • General Store Team Leader:

    Display and price donations on tables the day before the event

  • Organize cotton candy portion (gets machine, supplies and makes it)

  • One person on the team needs to be Thrivent Action Team eligible (see above)

Drawings Team Leader:

Organize drawing portion of event

Heads and Tails Game Team Leader:

  • Organize the game

  • Set up table display with signage and beads

  • Helps promote the game

  • Ensure that we have enough beads, purchase more if needed

Volunteer Sign-Up:

Contact school families to fill in the worker shifts for the event


Contact bid winners not present at auction check-out time