CCLS relies heavily on the generous individuals who donate their time and expertise to our ministry by volunteering their time. Please consider browsing our volunteer needs and letting us know where you would be willing to help out!

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Please check the areas you are interested in helping:
Marathon Spring Event Concessions

Connect with your community while also expanding your network and making friends!  There are little things that you can do for the school that can make a BIG impact for your student and their teacher.

  • Lunch A monitor (11:35 am-12:05 pm, grades 5-8)

  • Lunch B monitor (12:05-12:35 pm grades K-4)

  • Recess monitor (grades 1-2, 9:30-9:45 am)

  • Recess monitor (grades 3-4, 10:40 – 11:00 am, Tuesdays & Thursdays)

  • Recess monitor (grades K-4, 11:40 am-12:05 pm)

  • Recess monitor (grades 5-8, 12:00 – 12:25 pm)

  • Wash blankets from nurse’s office (weekly)

  • Donate essential items (please see list below)

  • Donate a meal during Parent-Teacher conferences (Please see calendar)

  • Chaperone a field trip

  • Supervise a movie day

  • Supervise during picture day (October and November)

  • Monitor during All-School Marathon (September)

  • Serve cake & coffee on Grandparent’s Day (November)

  • Serve during spaghetti dinner (November)

Standing in as monitor during recess or lunch would give teachers a MUCH NEEDED opportunity for catching up with lesson plans, grading papers, parent emails, or classroom newsletters.

Teamwork and problem-solving are demonstrated to our students through your efforts of volunteerism.Go ahead and mark a few days on your calendar. Volunteering reduces stress, combats depression, and provides a sense of purpose.It’s a good habit your kids will notice and be more likely to emulate.

Donation Ideas:

  • Expo Black Chisel Tip Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers

  • Paper 8.5 x 11, Letter, 20lb

  • Scotch 3M 3/4-inch Magic Tape Rolls

  • Scotch 3M .94-inch Masking Tape

  • Black Sharpie Fine Point Markers

  • Whiteboard Cleaner

  • Walmart Gift Card

  • Amazon Gift Card

  • Ask your child’s teacher if they’re in need of anything!